What Clients say about us

Our consulting clients tell us that they value our flexible approach and commitment to customizing material to fit with the organization's values and HR practices, rather than imposing our own models and values. They also commend our ability to facilitate in a way that matches the approach of the organization. Often our program participants are surprised to find we are not employees.

Our coaching clients tell us they appreciate our sensitivity to their needs and our insight into their situation, plus our challenge to them to step out of their comfort zones and our support while they practice doing so.

We only occasionally solicit testimonials, so most of these comments have come to us informally via email or voicemail. We like these because they are the most genuine types of feedback.

"What we appreciate the most is your fit with the company and our values, your flexibility and your no fuss approach. Thanks for being so easy to work with."

Leadership Development Manager, Major Financial Services Company

"Just a note to let you know S [Finance Manager] is really pleased with the outcome of the coaching and enjoyed working with you. Great Feedback!! Thanks again for being so flexible to support us and S with the coaching.
Regards, K"

HR Development Consultant, Major Financial Services Company

"The program made me focus on scanning the big picture rather than be distracted by the interesting day-to-day stuff and thanks to your prompting, it looks like we'll save a million dollars next year in interest.

MD of Superannuation Administration Company

"Hi Sharon

We have already started and are setting up a 'correspondence station'. You will be proud.

I am slowly knocking off my initiatives and find that I am doing all my work AND not stressing out. I will be spring-cleaning this week to ensure I make productive use of desk space.

I told all my friends how refreshing your presence was, so if you ever needed external validation that you are doing the right thing, there it is. You made me view my workload from a different perspective and I mentioned this in our meeting this morning to my managers, who liked the fact that their 'back-end' was becoming more robust.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter, and bunnies hide lots of chocolate eggs about your home."

Sales Account Manager, International Computing Firm

"Many thanks for your input, I will incorporate your suggestions. Again, many thanks for your professional expertise over the course of this conference and I look forward to working with you again."'

Risk Management Manager, Banking Corporation

"It is easy to have dreams and ambitions which just sit out there; but unless we connect them with our current reality they do not eventuate.

Sharon's direct approach, combined with sensitivity and highly refined facilitation skills, brought my goals and objectives into sharp relief. I not only clarified my goals and ambitions, but initiated the necessary action to move along the way. The key goals and objectives which I wanted to achieve from Sharon's workshop have been significantly accomplished.

I do not hesitate to recommend Sharon to anyone who intends to translate their dreams into reality."

Managing Partner, International Consulting Firm

"I would just like to extend my thanks to you in regard to the recent Leadership Development programme that I attended. Having been the manager of a small team for some 6 years, I had been looking forward to attending the course to review and revise my leadership and management techniques and to "brush up" on my skills. I was in for a real surprise! I found the course much more challenging than that, with the exercises structured so that I was having to think outside of my usual 'comfort zone' and I found I was continually questioning the way I had approached management and leadership in the past. I gained some valuable tools with which to improve my performance, and the performance of those that I supervise

Talking to my colleagues who were also on the course, it soon became clear to me that we all got something different out of the programme, dependant on how long we had been in our present roles. Each of us agreed that the lessons learnt were invaluable. Further, once I was back at work the skills that I had learnt during the course of the programme had important practical applications.

Sharon, it is clear to me that this course has helped me achieve my objectives. Your training style is easy going and fun, and it is clear that you have superior knowledge of the fundamentals of training adults. The course content was exactly what I needed, and seemed to be tailor made for someone in a middle management position like mine.
Thank you once again Sharon. It really was a great learning experience!"

State Claims Manager SA, Insurance Company

"Hi Sharon

This is my first day back after the weekend, and like you, I would have loved to be a fly on the wall on Monday!

I did hear that your [Team Building] workshop was the subject of a great chat by some people who went on a skiing trip that night, and the feedback from that was that they really enjoyed it - it was fun, helpful, and "incentivating!"

We are having the group workshop today, and from what I've heard so far, the main topic will be how to apply the learning from Friday. Sharon, thank you so very much for the material you sent, it is very helpful, and I hope to squeeze it into today's workshop.

Thanks again to you both for your time on Friday at this first workshop!

Productions Manager, Innovative Architectural Company

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