How we can work with your business

We take a facilitative approach rather than an expert approach to consulting. This means we are experts in facilitating people to become aware of what is happening - the dynamics of their current situation - what needs to happen differently and what will work for them and their team or organisation, more than we are experts in particular solutions.

We draw out the strengths of the individual, team or organisation and encourage people to use their complementary strengths to increase their effectiveness. Whilst we make sure we are abreast of "best practice" in many areas, we work with people to find what will work for them. Often people know what should be done but there are limiting factors, so sometimes we work with them close the gaps in their systems, processes and skills.

In other situations, we facilitate and coach teams and individuals to learn how to add to their systems, process and skills to achieve better results and be the kinds of people they want to be, rather than thinking of changing from one kind of person or one kind of organisation to another.

By focusing on the best in each person, we support teams to access their collective passion, which powers them to continuing action and sustainable results.

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Our Consulting Focuses at Four Levels

At the Organisational or Business Unit level, we consult to identify the current and desired organisational stage of growth and facilitate Business and Strategy Planning workshops. These activities allow leaders at all levels of the business to clarify what results are important to them, what values drive them and what skills, systems and processes they need to develop to achieve those results. Our skill is in facilitating teams to build plans for the future that are implemented, not shelved. We do this by being both optimistic - "what's your ideal future and what values does it fulfil?" - and realistic - "where are you now and what time, effort and resources can you devote to this?" We support Executive Teams to build plans that access their passions and propel the team toward their desired future.

At the Team level, we conduct Team Building and Team Planning workshops sessions that promote the awareness and practice of team processes, especially goal setting and interpersonal skills. We facilitate teams to understand how to effectively leverage their diverse talents. We help teams to learn how to better achieve results in face-to-face and virtual workgroups, whilst maintaining satisfying relationships with group members, other staff, clients & suppliers. We also work with team leaders and managers on a 1:1 basis to improve their interpersonal skills.

At the Leader / Manager level, we coach those in management roles to understand the skills required to lead and manage others - to set goals and directions, choose and plan actions to achieve the goals, perform competently, check progress towards the goals and motivate others to keep going until they reach their destination. We also focus on the mindset required to think of self and others and to understand that success now means that the team excels. And because Leadership and Management require others, we run experiential workshops to give participants the opportunity to discuss and practice with each other before they go back to the workplace. This builds a sense of "team" between managers and team leaders in or between organisations.

At the Individual level, we coach individuals at all levels to develop their mental and emotional and skills to better achieve results that are important to them. We cover a range of skills including interpersonal skills, self -management and self-leadership skills, personal efficiency and business planning. Our group and 1:1 sessions always include a follow-up facility and we act as a "gentle external conscience", while people develop the necessary skills and motivation to sustain new behaviours.

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