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Most of our programs are offered in-house, with occasional opportunities for public programs. We also offer self-paced email programs for individual study.

For examples of some of the types of Workshops we conduct, go to :-
> our Organisational Development page.
> our Team Development page.
> our Leader / Manager Development page.
> our Individual Development page.

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Our Model of Course Development

We take a blended approach to Course Development, because our experience concurs with research in the field that training on its own does not create sufficient transfer of the concepts to the individual workplace.

Our consulting and programs comprise five elements:

Awareness and Reflecting what drives us – we usually start programs with self-assessed and 360º inventories, journaling and self-discovery activities to give an indication of our starting point. We are accredited in the MBTI and AVI (Values) inventory and we use self-discovery tools such as the Keirsey Temperament Model and the Berens Interaction Styles model. In addition, we can create self-assessment tools and 360º tools to measure any desired aspect of corporate competency and performance. We use this information to both affirm people’s strengths and challenge them to consider new possibilities.

Learning about new / alternate theories and models of operating – the classroom aspect of our programs engages people in group discussions, reading and 1:1 discussions to expand their knowledge about what is possible and what is required to develop new systems, processes and skills. We offer a wide range of cutting edge material on systems, learning, change and interpersonal skills drawn from psychology, management, sports science and years of business experience.

Experiencing their values in action – the action parts of the program involve case studies, simulations exercises, role plays and assignments in the workplace to give people an experience of the concepts in action. We provide a safe environment - in group or in 1:1 sessions - for people to explore how their values energise their actions in good times and in times of stress and how their behaviours impact the behaviour of others.

Practicing new and existing knowledge and skills - through intentions, goal setting and follow up. We work with people to tap into the energy of passion, by linking their business and personal intentions and goals to their deeply held values. When people tap into this energy they are able to sustain action over time to achieve remarkable results. In both our consulting and our programs, we provide ongoing coaching and email follow up to support people while they make changes to their habits and we act as an external conscience until they have internalized new practices.

Reviewing the management and organisational systems – to ensure that there is support for the new behaviour in the workplace and / or to identify potential obstacles to the implementation of the recommendations.

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