Individual Development

Interpersonal Skills Development - We offer a range of interpersonal skills modules, aimed at technical and professional people for whom interpersonal effectiveness has not been their main focus. Modules include: Influence, Negotiation, Professional (Customer) Service Resilience, Presentation Skills and Training Small Groups.

eOrganising - We offer programs for teams and individuals who receive most of their workload through email and who are feeling stressed because they don't have effective workflow processes to manage the work and information that hits their inbox. Participants find that an empty inbox is possible and are taught a number of time-saving techniques for prioritising, organising and planning their workload. The program can be run for teams using MS Outlook or Lotus Notes.

Coaching for Results - We offer 1:1 coaching for individuals to build their skills to achieve important medium term results. The timeframe is customised to suit individual needs.

Facilitation Fly on the Wall - We offer a loosely structured ongoing development service for new facilitators to participate in larger group facilitations and to support their development.

The Personal Efficiency Program - We are licensed to run this three day program for anyone who has ongoing responsibilities and projects that require planning and preparation, to develop the skills to be both more efficient - getting more done in a day - and more effective - getting the right things done.

Self-knowledge Inventories - we are accredited in a number of inventories, as follows, which we use to support individuals to identify their strengths and preferences. These inventories can be incorporated into any programs.

  • Australian Values Inventory (AVI)
  • DiSC and Extended DiSC
  • Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT)
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

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