2007 – A year for sharing and growing ideas

Happy New Year and welcome to a year of sharing ideas. In 2007 we will be starting three new blog streams (for the uninitiated, blogs are a type of internet software that allow you to write a type of online interactive diary / newsletter). It is more flexible than uploading articles or writing newsletters and is a fabulous opportunity to share ideas from the courses and workshops we run and attend each year and the many books and articles we read. The blogs will help us document the latest ideas. As the saying goes, if we have a dollar and give it to you, we are left with nothing, but if we give you an idea, who knows – you may develop it and give it back to us in an even more valuable form. Either way we both win.

The three blog streams reflect our different audiences:

A Passion for Leadership – blogs about leadership, management and organisational issues – from our business and community work;

A Passion for Learning – more philosophical and research-based blogs about design and delivery of high quality learning activities and the link between learning and performance; and

A Passion for Life – non-corporate blogs about our sporting and wellbeing interests and a bit of spiritual stuff too.

Depending on how we first connected with you, we will be inviting you to register for one of these three blogs and we will send you semi-regular notifications when we have added entries to the blog/s. Of course you are welcome to link to all three blogs if you wish.

We’re looking forward to the challenge of writing about our individual and collective knowing and contributing to expanded results for all of us.

Sharon McGann & Paul Worth,

Directors, A Passion for Results

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