Deliberately practicing facilitation and management?

Thanks to my Solutions Focused colleague, Coert Visser, for a link to Dan Coyle and The Talent Code. On the surface, its another name for deliberate practice (Anders Ericsson’s work) in order to distinguish a new book. But what intrigues me is the question of “How do facilitators and managers create opportunities to practice deeply / deliberately?” Physical skills like piano or sport seem easier because they are solo activities or there are practice sessions and games, but skills like managing or facilitating are mostly done “on the job” and require others.

I co-convene a facilitation community of practice in Sydney and I’m not sure that we practice deeply / deliberatley, we do more of what we already know how to do. I tend to practice new things on my clients if any, which I don’t really like.

I’m interested to know how others practice such skills.

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