A star team can beat individual stars

Each year when we watch the Tour de France, the team dynamics fascinate us and remind us of the basic essentials of a high performing team:

1. A clear common purpose. Both Cadel’s team Silence Lotto (S-L) and CSC have a clear common purpose – get the yellow jersey.

2. Skilled people in complementary roles. Each person must have a clear role and together the roles must cover all the requirements of the team. This seems more the case in CSC than S-L. Everyone is riding to support their leader/s. There is no individual glory this year for Robbie McEwen.

3. Common approach – there is a strategy for each team and there is a common approach – support your team leader and don’t “bag” your co-riders. Assume they are trying their hardest.

4. Mutual accountability – the team succeeds if they get the yellow jersey, not just the individual winner.

5. Individual and group development – a focus on mental and emotional strength as well as the physical.

So whose team will win? We will see next week which is the better team, not just the best star, but unfortunately for Cadel, CSC seem to have a higher performing team. I hope I’m wrong for the Aussie’s sake.

And how does your team rate on these five scales? For a worksheet to assess contact us: info @ apassion.com.au

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