Celebrate International Passion Day everyday

Janet and Chris Attwood, authors of the book “The Passion Test” have declared 30th September International Passion Day and have challenged their readers to take at least one action a day to “follow our passion and begin fulfilling our life’s purpose”.

Well, with our business name, we had to rise to the challenge (and of course we wanted to).

Day 4 action – Sharon is writing this blog.  I (Sharon) am passionate about connecting people with ideas.    I also know that confidence grows when we take actions to support our passion, so this idea of taking daily action has double the benefits.

Paul’s passion – helping people get control of their workload – has been enhanced by adding new sections to the eORGANISING (TM) workbook. If you have recently done our course and would like to read the new hints, send an email to paul at apassion.com.au and he will send you an update.

Day 5 action – I had a powerful session with Julian Noel from Aware Business – tapping into my deeper knowing about my ideal clients and what value I can provide to them.

Day 6 action – Paul and I discussed our ideal clients and Paul visited one of his.

Day 7 action – I continued my research into sustainable leadership practices and explored the work of Hilary Bradbury.  Her message is that sustainable leaders need to take a systems view, including engaging with our personal views and home practices as well as the actions we take for and within our organisations.

Day 8 action – I enjoyed the comraderie of the Sydney Facilitators’ Network meeting and the luxury of taking time out to write and reflect on “Who am I now?” – I’m a middle aged woman… in the prime of my life… I’ve learned a lot… and I am ready to open a new chapter in my life devoted to sustainability and social entrepreneurship … learning what is right for me and what will make my life a vital contribution to the whole.

Day 9 action – today is “butt on seat” time – I’m finishing my research proposal and the beauty is that I get to delve into my favourite topic of mental maps and predict what they tell us about the sustainable practices Australians will be likely to accept.

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