Collaborative consumption – making sharing cool

I love Rachel Botsman’s TED talk on Collaborative Consumption and her mission to support us to move from owning more stuff to getting the benefit of the experience.

Check out if you have something you don’t need and want to swap it for something you do need.  I’ll swap any book I own for a copy of Botsman’s new book on Collaborative Consumption using

Or for those products with “high idling capacity” like our kayak which sits in the back yard 50 weekends out of 52, I can now offer it for someone else to use on and still reserve the pleasure of kayaking two weekends a year.

As is often said, we don’t have a scarcity of stuff, we have a distribution issue.  With collaborative consumption the leading edge entrepreneurs are creating new business models to allow low cost redistribution of unwanted stuff – about time I say.

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