Enough is enough

In South Australia COVID-19 fears are easing. But rather than go back to the ‘old normal’, now is the time to really consider what we want our ‘new normal’ to be. One way is to ask ‘how much is enough?’

And that question doesn’t only apply to money and having ‘stuff’. Many of us live with a societal pressure that says who we are and what we currently do is ‘not good enough’, so the question applies to our whole life – how much fitness is enough, how much grooming is enough, how much volunteering is enough, how much responsibility for others’ is enough?

In all these instances we can see a hidden belief that ‘more is better’. This belief runs our world and our lives. But it doesn’t have to. A belief is “just a thought that we keep on thinking”, so we can choose to start thinking other thoughts. Admittedly, a strong belief that is also held by many others can take a lot of effort to shift. But now is a good time and its worth it.

So how much is enough for you and about you? If you are not currently doing enough or being good enough, whose voice is judging you?  What would it be like to say “I am <good> enough and what I have in my life is enough for today. I don’t need to do or be or have more.  I will enjoy what is already here”?

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