Ethical Investing and connecting with ‘old’ colleagues

Talk about a small world. Walking through Luna Park recently I ran into an ‘old’ SEALCORP / ASSIRT colleague Michael Walsh and was pleased to hear that his business Lifecraft was doing well, employing 12 people and that he was enjoying the good life, based in Evans Head. Then he sent me a copy of ethical investor, which his business purchased in 2003. The edition of the magazine was perfect for me (co-incidence?) on the topic of Sustainable Human Capital Management, so now I have a new goal – start writing articles for ethical investor! Watch out Michael.

It’s been a busy month with regards to the SEALCORP connection. When I was over in Perth I stayed with Wendy Barnao, who is approaching 15 years with SEALCORP and who is enjoying her current role managing the web side of things as well as continuing to renovate her beautiful home and run a hobby business on the side called Just Pelmets (although it should more correctly be called Just ask Wendy because she knows much more than just pelmets). Wendy was instrumental in helping me find the perfect upholstery fabric for our upcoming renovations.

I have also been in contact with Sharon Lenon recently. Sharon was a Researcher at Assirt and I am assuming she will get in touch with Michael soon, so the connections will continue. Sharon now runs a coaching business and still has connections to clients in financial services.

Finally, in a ‘two degrees of separation’ connection, Karina Samperi of Samperi Consulting referred someone to me, so hello to Karina, who is busy finishing her MBA I think.

I also run into Mike Mitchell and Mark Rantall, MD of Godfrey Pembroke, occasionally as I visit the MLC Campus in North Sydney and last year I ran into Geoff Pritchard in a bizarre co-incidence as I had turned up to the wrong hotel for a function. But it must have been the ‘right’ hotel because I got to say hello to Geoff and find out a little about his role as CEO of Western Pacific.

Must be about time for a reunion.

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