Forgiveness – it’s all about us

I’ve just arrived home from a very thought provoking talk by Asim Khamisa, co-author of “Secrets of a Bullet Proof Spirit – Strategies to bounce back from life’s hardest hits”.  Khamisa has bounced back from one of the hardest blows – the senseless shooting of his 20 year old son by a 14 year old gang member.

As Khamisa describes, he realised that there were victims on both ends of the gun, so he chose to forgive his son’s killer and set up a foundation to teach kids about how to break the cycle of youth violence.

Khamisa has been visiting my home town of Adelaide, as well as Sydney, and will be back next year to run trainings in his Forgiveness workshops.  What stood out for me was the reminder that forgiveness is a choice and that when we forgive another, we are doing ourselves a great benefit.

I am looking forward to reading his book, which is available through Allen & Unwin, and to listening to his meditations, which are available on the website:

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