Future Perfect – a direction rather than an end goal

I’ve just read that the new Solutions Focus book is getting a plug in the Australian Institute of Management’s “Management Today” monthly magazine under the heading “Best Books in the Business” – good for Mark McKergow and Paul Jackson.

My recent course participants would agree with the review “this uniquely simple way of working sidesteps the search for the causes of trouble and heads directly for the solution”. They enjoyed thinking about their ‘Future Perfect’ and then noticing what they were already doing that ‘counted’ towards their future, so that they are energised to take small steps rather than get daunted by grand development plans.

For some people the Future Perfect is depressing because we think we will never get there, so that’s where scaling is great – it shows early progress and we can decide what is ‘good enough’.

I’m looking forward to their coaching sessions to hear more about their successes (and to gain permission to share some of the great ideas they came up with for small steps).

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