Gain control back from your inbox

Paul has been reading about new email studies which confirm the time is right for our new offering eORGANISING (TM).

1. It takes more than a minute (on average) to recover your train of thought after an interruption by email (see more at Dr Thomas Jackson’s research, quoted in SMH Next).

2. Over half of us spend two hours a day on emails because that’s how we receive the majority of our work/ news and over a third get more than 100 emails a day (see more at ClearContext, also quoted in Next)

Put these stats together and it means that you can lose over an hour of effort a day if you let new emails distract you as they come in.

If you or your team want to learn how to set up simple, efficient systems to control the inbox, rather than have it control you, please contact Paul on 0408 537 305.  He’s passionate about helping teams to gain control of their e-workload and reduce stress in the process.

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