I see you – you are no island

Thanks to Pauline Gates for this fabulous link to the NY Tropfest winning entry: Mankind is no island.

Two years ago I was privileged to be a Learning Partner in a program that aimed to connect homeless people with the community through Humanities courses.  Until that time, I had been scared of interacting with homeless people and avoided any contact.  The program opened my eyes to the fact that these are regular people for whom small mistakes have snowballed into alienation.

Thanks to that program, I always give a few dollars when someone asks, but more importantly I make the time to connect and say hello, how’s your day going, you are a person just like me.  Sometimes it works, sometimes I feel awkward when I’m not thinking and blurt out “how are you going?” and get a “not good” response, but mainly it reminds me that it takes so little to positively impact another’s day.

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