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Progress instead of Procrastination

Feeling frustrated because you supposedly have so much more spare time now that you are working from home? Wondering how to get started on one

Enough is enough

In South Australia COVID-19 fears are easing. But rather than go back to the ‘old normal’, now is the time to really consider what we

Hope or Trust (Faith)

Scientist Dr Lauren Oakes poses this question to her peers: “When you think about the future in terms of environmental change, how would you distinguish

Fierce Self-Compassion

A recent article by compassion researcher Dr Kristin Neff raises some important points about different ways of being compassionate. Often people notice a difference between

Living my Sustainability Values

It’s time for another house move and as I sort through 10 years of belongings, I realise that I’ve kept a lot of stuff that

Flying Solo – we are not alone

Enjoyed a succinct summary of Flying Solo by Fern C. It’s a great reminder that even when solo we are not alone. It’s always about

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