Next Director – what is an NFP?

I am following a very interesting discussion on the Next Director community discussion on LinkedIn about how a new director can deal with a Chairman who appears averse to the CEO’s moves to shift the organisation from being a “loss leader” to operating on sound business principles.

I like a lot of the comments and found the comment by David Willcox from NEM particularly appropriate and amusing: Not-for-profit is a misnomer and most NFPs “would object if they were referred to as “for loss”.  In reality, NFP are ‘not for distribution of their net profits, except in accordance with their constitution'”.

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  1. Matt Moore

    This isn’t a particularly original idea but a positive acronym might be better – FSG (For Social Good) rather than a negative one (Not…)

  2. Sharon McGann

    I agree. Now all we have to do is change the industry’s usage of the acronym!

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