Perfectionism and Goal Achieving

I seem to have a theme going here – the balance between good enough to “produce” and always aiming higher, but not aiming first for perfection, otherwise we will never get started.

I’ve been reviewing Stephanie Burns’ Goal Achievers program and am enjoying some of the insights, such as:

Time passes, whether you act or not.

You don’t have to like it in order to do it (for the sake of achieving other goals).

The human mind seems wired to avoid pain, so don’t think about how bad it might feel – think about now, or think about the future when it’s done.

There is no relief until the task is done, avoidance still feels bad.

And my favourite for the moment: You can’t achieve anything substantial if you have a limit of two week’s emotional focus.

See my other comments and Ken McCarthy’s blog, which was the impetus to get into action – thanks Ken.

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