Respecting our Mother Earth

Last night’s WakeUp Sydney event was a heart-expanding exploration of what it means to connect with our Mother Earth.  Jono Fisher  and the team did a fabulous job and I alternated between joy and sadness, compounded by reading an article on Natural Capitalism from the Harvard Business Review on the way to the event.  This article reminded me that its 20 years down the track and we are still taking the natural world for granted (me included).

I loved the warm words from John Seed (Deep Ecology), Susan Murphy (Zen Open Circle) and especially Uncle Max Harrison (My People’s Dreaming), who have the passion and the courage to get up every day and show the rest of us a different way.

I know that I have a tendency to think ‘its all too hard” but I came away from the event thinking “it might be hard, but its worthwhile”.  So here’s to more focus on the sustainability aspects of our business and to developing sustainable leadership and sustainable business processes in Australian businesses as soon as we can.

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