Rolling out the Red Carpet for Stakeholders

Imagine organising a stakeholder meeting, say for staff, community or suppliers, where there was a red carpet leading to the door?

What message would that send to participants of the meeting?

What expectations would that create for you as the organiser?

How might the conversation be different?

This idea comes from Peter Block’s book Community: The Structure of Belonging

Block sees “welcoming” as one way to increase our sense of community and reduce our sense of isolation, on the basis that people are much more likely to support friends than strangers.

A local Sydney-based initiative by colleague Jono Fisher, from WakeUpSydney, challenges us small acts of anonymous kindness or generosity.  Without really thinking about it, I have been doing these deeds for years at clients sites when I organise lollies and morning tea treats if management have “forgotten”.  The result is that participants think better of management and I trust that this improves the culture just a tiny bit.

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