Spring – Time for Human Flourishing

It’s that time of year again – my birthday – when I think about the year that’s been, celebrate my growth, successes and failures and evaluate the learning from the year. Then I set my intentions for the new year. It’s great because it coincides with spring time and find I gain lots of energy from the warmer weather and spring-time flowering. My favourite tree is a magnolia which has been magnificent in bloom over the past month.

This year’s intention is to focus even more on my passion for supporting human flourishing. From an ‘A Passion’ perspective, it also means we will keep developing and promoting systems that support human flourishing at work (thanks to Elisabeth Gortschacher for insights from her Personal Branding DNA program this year, which contributed to my clarity around this passion).

Sociologist, Corey Keyes, PhD, sums up flourishing very well:
Flourishing happens when people feel high levels of emotional, psychological and social well-being, which can result from experiencing vigor and vitality, self-determination, continuous self-growth, close relationships and a purposeful and meaningful life.”

Flourishing also has hard-nosed work benefits, according to Keyes’ research and my experience:

“Flourishing adults tend to miss fewer days of work, experience fewer physical health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, and are more productive at work than people who are not flourishing.

So if a flourishing life and workplace appeals to you, please contact us at A Passion for Results, we are keen to work with organisations where the environment is rich for planting new seeds i.e. where there is a purpose beyond profit.

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  1. Karynne


    Happy Birthday, and here’s to a flourishing year… just hearing you speak about your passion for nurturing and supporting human flourishing seeds my own creativity and re-ignites my visions – so thanks for this inspirational and thought-provoking birthday gift..

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