Thinkers and Doers

I was telling a colleague on the weekend about my latest pet theory about “thinkers” and “doers” and the value of dialogue as a process.

Deep dialogue, or the U theory (as I understand them) are processes where participants delve deeply into a situation to the point where the “truth” or essence of the situation becomes apparent and then a solution / action or outcome naturally arises.

My theory is that thinkers already do this naturally but just because a solution or action arises doesn’t mean they will do it. Their development challenge is getting into action. Many thinkers I know (including me) don’t have trouble with insights but do have trouble acting on them.

Doers on the other hand may benefit more from such processes because they tend to only want to think a little and so some extended reflection can be beneficial. The other benefit is that once they have a really good insight, they are already primed to take action on it.

So, my question is “what is the equivalent process for thinkers to get into action around our many insights”?

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