Voicing our Values

Thanks to ever-growing social networks, research shows the average person has the ability to influence 8,000 people or more (our friends, our friends’ friends, and even our friends’ friends’ friends). From the book Connected by Christakis & Fowler … How your Friends Friends Friends Affect Everything You Feel Think or Do, 2009.

So my questions to myself and all my Australian friends are:
“Who does our Budget serve?”
“Is it contributing to an Australian society that is thriving, fair and just?”
“If not, what are we prepared to do about that?”

I for one will be doing what I can to influence people I know to vote for a budget, a government and policies that create a fair society, because we all use society’s infrastructure so it’s only fair that we should all contribute to its development and maintenance.

I’m excited to be volunteering with GetUp to contact GetUp members in marginal seats held by the Coalition hard right.  A small number of people currently have an inordinate influence on Coalition policy and they seem to be out of step with the majority of Australians, including many of their voters.

What about you?  What are you energised to do?

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