Vote 1 Earth

I must be one of the many people who haven’t yet met Todd Sampson via the Gruen Transfer, but as of next week I will be an avid viewer.  Tonight I listened and watched teary eyed, to his story about the growth of the Earth Hour movement and now I’m all inspired to find other ways for self interest to meet planetary purpose.

As we discussed at dinner, it’s a sign of true democracy at work and I look forward to hearing the numbers come in as over 90 countries – and potentially over a billion peers around the world – vote for a sustainable future for us all.

It’s a long shot, but I’m trying to organise for REMO to print Vote 1 Earth tee-shirts, with proceeds going to the Earth Hour and WWF, so watch this space for news and contact us:info at if you’d like a tee shirt or two!

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