Simply Irresistable

Watch out if you have curious employees and managers who become bored.

“When bored, highly curious individuals are oriented to finding novelty and are sensitive to environmental nuances that can increase arousal. Boredom foreshadows impulsive and delinquent behaviors …”

If we ask curious people to toe the “company line” and submit to following boring procedures, the temptation to create a bit of excitement may become irresistable.

However: “When activities are perceived as boring but meaningful, individuals deploy strategies to enhance interest and sustain effort toward goals. High compared to low curious individuals are probably more likely to be able to generate interest in activities that are meaningful or unavoidable” … even if they are boring.

So number one key is make sure the work is meaningful and number two key – if you can – is to allow some variety to spice up work life. Try this link from Robert Palmer:

Source: Character Strengths and Virtues, by Dr Martin Seligman and Dr Chris Peterson, page 130

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