Wellbeing and Resilence are replacing Engagement

According to a recent HR breakfast presentation by  Roger Collins, Professor Emeritus, UNSW, managers and HR representatives can best help their employees by focusing on Wellbeing programs rather than Engagement programs.  Professor Collins argument is based on the evidence-based view that engagement provides a one-way benefit to the organisation, whereas wellbeing and resilence provide two-way benefits.

In line with this view, Sharon has seen first hand evidence from a Wellbeing program at NAB Technology, where Wellbeing courses and support tools provided productivity benefits to the organisation as well as increased employee health and satisfaction, coupled with decreased perceptions of stress and overwhelm.

Following this theme, A Passion for Results, in conjunction with People Dynamics, has been busily redesigning our programs and we are pleased to launch our new integrated offering for 2009: ROC your Staff: Building Resilence, eOrganising and Collaborative capabilities to ensure everyone thrives in difficult times.

For further information please contact Sharon McGann, Paul Worth or Cheryl Gilroy at info[at] apassion.com.au

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