Work life flexibility – a useful business strategy

A Fast Company leadership article about CFO views of work life flexibility strategies is yet another example of the knowing – doing gap. Yost’s study of CFO perspectives confirms that American CFOs recognise the business potential of work life balance, yet few of the American companies surveyed have formal policies, or their use is constrained by leadership teams who see such flexibility as perks.

The practices are indicative of the research by Avery & Bergsteiner into sustainable leadership practices in Rhineland Europe, where downsizing has not been a regular practice because leaders realise the value of maintaining a skilled workforce through economic cycles.

For Australian HR professionals, Yost’s research and articles providing a starting point in building a business case for flexibility practices as a viable alternative to downsizing and Avery & Bergsteiner’s research provides the  examples of leading organisations that have already turned the knowing into doing.

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