Would you like a slice of joy with that?

I’m familiar with gratitude diaries, giving thanks for my blessings and many other versions of this concept …and … Chade-Meng Tan has just put the icing on the cake, so to speak, in his new book Joy on Demand.

As he describes it: in every day there are tiny moments of joy. Here are just a few of mine: a pinky-orange sunrise, the feel of the sun on my back, the aroma of coffee, the feel of a warm hand in mine, the satisfaction of helping someone, the way my body moves to a well-loved tune, an internet story about people doing good in the world, the athleticism of Roger Federer, a funny email from a colleague… the list is endless.

Normally these moments flit by and are gone from short-term memory. If instead, we really notice these thin slices of joy, and even better if we stop and savour the moment and then later in the day, remind ourselves of the slices of joy we experienced, we start to reprogram our brain to think about our life as joyful, rather than frustrating, or a struggle.

The best thing is that the phrase is enjoyable just to think about.  It’s also easy and fun to remember to ask myself  “would I like a slice of joy with that?” The answer is always “Yes please! And I have no guilt in stepping up for seconds, or even thirds.

If you would like learn to look, listen and get a feel for slices of joy in your day, you can sign up to 40 Days (and 40 Nights) of Sharing Joy.


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